We only utilize top notch craftsmen who are certified in welding, plumbing, instrumentation, rigging, plastic fusion welding, excavation, and trench safety. Our capabilities include but not limited to Mechanical Piping, Plumbing Piping, Instrumentation, Toilet and Lavatory Batteries, Pipe Supports and Engineered Hangers of all designs. Having access to our CAD division allows us to assist you in design, submit for approval, and fabricate for delivery any and all of the above mentioned items. We can fabricate any material available including but not limited to: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly, Aluminum, Inconel, Copper, Poly, Instrument Tubing, and PVC. CJI also provides Mechanical Services such as Chiller Change-Outs, Cooling Tower Replacement, Boiler Replacement, Field Detailing for Lay-Out, and Hot Tapping Services. CJI is truly your complete stop to take a concept or engineered plan  and help turn it into a real-life project. By using our services your project will recognize the potential pit-falls of coordination ahead of the schedule in turn saving your company time and essentially money. In today's ever-changing construction market, being ahead of the curve is a major key to being successful. We can provide your team with those tools.


     We have a group of diverse individuals that have come through the trenches so to speak and have the ability to address problems and issues from their experiences in the field. CJI uses some of the best trades people in the industry. We specialize in Mechanical Piping, Mechanical HVAC, Plumbing,  and incidental Structural/Architectural.


      Our pre-fabrication spooling and take-off abilities  are the final piece to making a project succeed. As everyone knows, with construction projects shrinking in size everyday, building a project on-site is nearly impossible. We can give you the abilities to order what you need and fabricate ahead of schedule in your own controlled environment. CJI will custom fit our work to your needs.                                                                     

CJI is your contractor because we maintain and practice a simple rule of thumb of doing the job right the first time. Years of experience providing quality and dedicated service working for other contractors in the field as tradesmen has allowed CJI to be humbly successful in our accomplishments.​

CJI was founded on the principles that we could provide like minded companies with the ability to produce a better construction project. With our vast experience of construction, Plumbing and Mechanical field supervision, coordination, detailing, quality control, lump sum bids, competitive sealed bids, and design-build projects; this sets us apart from all the rest. We perform all of our work with our own full-time employees in our San Antonio, Texas office working on multiple projects.