CJI is here to provide our customers with a broad range of services. We pride ourselves in recognizing that no one firm or contractor is alike. CJI will tailor-make our support to your team based upon your needs and concerns. We offer the following:



We can fabricate any material available including but not limited to: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly, Aluminum, Inconel, Copper, Poly, Instrument Tubing, and PVC. Oil & Gas Skid pre-fabrication, Mechanical Coil Hook-Ups, Bathroom Lavatory Batteries, and every other piping application that can be designed & transported.


While working with your team we will trade coordinate your specific aspect of the project whether it be the Plumbing, the Mechanical Piping, the HVAC Sheetmetal, or the electrical. CJI works closely with our contractors to provide you with a fully coordinated model that will save your team money. The easiest way to save time and money on a project is to identify and address design issues and potential worksite collisions before breaking ground. We have much experience working well in coordinating our respective trades along with other trades to provide a cost effective model which in turn creates a cost effective project.


CJI can provide your team with the best personnel and software to oversee the design and contstruction of your project. We have the experience to work with the Design Engineers and General Contractors alike to create a model that will help expedite a timely cost effective project. We utilize the latest BIM Standards and can develop the proper criteria for each individual project.






Our spooling department is second to none. CJI prides ourselves in handing over a set of spool drawings that can be sent to a fabrication shop and turned into work that you can hold in your hands. We always say that if you cannot build from our drawings then the model is of no use to our client. Along with the spooling we can provide a material take-off that can be made to fit your needs including each cut length on a piece of pipe, etc...



Several individuals that work for CJI have backgrounds in Project Management. We can offer those services to your team as well. We can be on-site utilizing our many management solutions to effectively propel your project to a safe, quality driven, cost productive job.



We provide 3d modeling utilizing sets of plans ranging from electronic copies to cocktail napkins. CJI understands that some of the best designs come from a field walk and we have the capabilities to transform your drawings and ideas into a working model for representation. We can do the same for your record drawing as-builts.